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Charter Plastics is a manufacturer of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipe for potable water, reclaimed water, sewer, geothermal, gas, irrigation and municipal & industrial applications.  Available in a wide variety of sizes and specifications, Charter products meet or exceed the industry’s highest standards for quality and durability.

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Potable Water Pipe

Designed for water wells, water service and irrigation

Municipal Service Tubing

Designed for potable and reclaimed water service and sewer

Municipal & Industrial Pipe

Designed for potable water, cooling water, frac water, dredging,

de-watering, HDD and pipeline rehab

Geothermal Pipe

Designed for geothermal heat exchangers, ground loops and manifolds

Gas Pipe

Designed for natural gas service and propane gas distribution

Irrigation Pipe

Designed for irrigation and sprinkler systems

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