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We are proud to offer Link-Seal® modular seals as well as the corresponding Century-Line® Sleeves and Cell-Cast Disks. This line of specially designed products is used to create a water and gas tight seal around pipes that penetrate walls, floors, ceilings and more. Choose from standard or 316 stainless steel nuts and bolts hardware. All you need for installation is a socket wrench!

Link-Seal Modular Seals

The best way to permanently seal any cylindrical object, of any size, passing through any type of concrete barrier(wall, floor or ceiling) is to use Link-Seal® modular seals. From ductile iron to pre-stressed concrete to metal or plastic pipe, conduit or cables - whatever your application - Link-Seal® modular seals will effect a hydrostatic seal capable of holding 20 psig (40 feet of static head) between the pipe and the penetration cylinder through which the pipe passes.

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Century-Line Sleeves

The best way to guarantee a perfect seal is to use Century-Line® sleeves with Link-Seal® modular seals. They’re engineered and sized to provide a stable hole that matches dimensionally with Link-Seal® modular seals. It makes ordering quick and easy and guarantees a perfect fit - and seal - each and every time.

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Cell-Cast Disks

For larger holes in poured concrete structures, (29.25” to 64.75”Ø) Cell-Cast® disks are used to produce a dimensionally stable hole and smooth concrete surface that is perfect for use with Link-Seal® modular seals.

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