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Product Lines

                    works with the following manufacturers to bring you a wide range of products and solutions for your construction needs. Click on a button to find out more about that product line.


Advanced Thermal Systems, Inc.

Manufacturer of Expansion Joints and Ball Joints for carrying steam, hot/chilled water, oil, gas and other process fluids over long distances. ATS also has low friction pipe supports and guides as well as pipe anchors and radial type pipe alignment guides.


Brimar Industries, Inc.

Manufacturer of Ammonia System Pipe Markers, Arrow Banding Tapes, Medical Gas Pipe Markers, Natural Gas Pipe Markers, Stencils, High Temperature Pipe Markers, Underground Tape, Valve Tags and Name Plates.



Manufacturer of Radiant Floor Panels out of BASF Styropor® and Neopor® EPS. Creatherm offers contractors an innovative foam installation process that saves time and money. Radiant panels interlock and have staggered snap-tight grids for optimal tube spacing. On-center points exist every 3 inches.

cretex logo.jpg


Manufacture of Internal/External Chimney Seals, PRO-RING™ Manhole Grade Adjustment Systems both Round and Square, Internal/External Concrete Pipe Joint Seals, and Manhole Sealing Accessories. These products provide an alternative solution to sealing & repairing Manhole risers and Drains, as well as reduce or eliminate the inflow of the water collections systems. These come in a variety of sizes and options. 

Eaton logo.jpg

EATON Aerospace: Carter Ground Fueling

Manufacturer of ground fueling equipment for commercial and military aircraft. Products include: Adapters, Couplers, Hydrant Valves, Hydrant Fueling Pits, Meters, Nozzles, Pantograph Systems, Pressure Control Systems and Refueling Management Systems.

2020 Link Seal .jpg

GPT Industries

Thunderline/Link-Seal: Manufacturer of Modular Elastomeric Mechanical Seals for Low and High Temperature applications (-67° to +400° F), HDPE Wall Sleeves, Pipe Penetration Hole Forms and Steel Wall Sleeves.

Pipeline Seal & Insulator: Manufacturer of Metallic & Non-Metallic Casing Spacer and Pull On, Wrap Around and Fire Resistant End Seals.

hewitt Logo.jpg

Hewitt Aviation Fueling Products

Manufacturer of Aviation Refueling Hose, JacRiser Fueling/Defueling Hose, Twin 3/8" Sensing Hose, Twin 1/4" Deadman Hose and protective Hose Coil.


Madewell is a manufacturer of corrosion-resistant protective coatings, concrete restoration products, and specialty application equipment based out of Alpharetta, GA. Madewell uses Mainstay Composite Liners to complete Manhole Rehabilitation of broken or eroded concrete and brick in wastewater treatment plants, manholes, and lift stations. Manufactured products from Madewell also service floor coatings, aquarium/ zoo linings, potable water linings, and industrial tank linings. 

permalert logo.png


Manufacturer of a state of the art microprocessor based leak detection cable system that locates potential problems anywhere along the sensing cable and alarms on contact. The PAL-AT can be furnished for secondary contained pipe systems, heat distribution systems, computer room sub-floors, clean rooms, phone switching stations or anywhere quick and precise leak detection is required. As an option we can provide remote monitoring of the system using our PALCOM software package. There are four types of sensing cable and five different probe options.

permapipe logo.png

Perma-Pipe / Ric-Wil

Manufacturer of Preinsulated Pipe Systems for High Temperature Systems (above 250° F), Low Temperature Systems (below 250° F), Aboveground Systems and Heat Traced Systems, Double Contained Pipe Systems with various piping materials based on chemical compatibility. Perma-Pipe aslo offers Leak Detection/Location with continuous cable, probes or floats with the PAL-AT Monitoring Unit.

Perma-Pipe Inspection Services: Inspection services on underground distribution systems utilizing Infrared, Sonic, Tracer Gas and Electronic Tracing technologies.

tribal logo.png

Tribal Manufacturing

Manufacturer of Lead Free ECO Brass products for the F2080 Locking Expansion PEX Fittings & Accessories, F1960 Poly Sleeve Expansion PEX Fittings & Accessories and F1807 Standard Crimp PEX Fittings & Accessories. Furthermore, Tribal Manufacturing has the capability to design and develop products for your specific applications.

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